Stand Up To The Demand

How to recognize a bogus patent claim and what to do about it.

Learn To Take A Stand Against Bogus Patent Claims

The US patent system protects inventions and encourages innovation—but not all patent owners play fair. If you received a letter about a patent infringement, take this quiz to find out if it’s a legitimate claim or a phony one.

Infographic - Take The Quiz
Infographic - Comparison Click To See Sample Letters Of Notice And Demand



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Patent troll to pay “extraordinary case” fees

A Santa Barbara start-up takes on patent troll Lumen View—and wins the legal fight.

Patent reform timeout not a reason for trolls to celebrate

Those who benefit from troll behavior should temper their enthusiasm in the face of perceived success.

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Not all NPEs are patent trolls

Non-practicing entities should not be painted with the same brush; many apply ethical practices.

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States revise laws to curb patent trolls

States are rewriting laws to make it difficult for trolls to pursue small businesses with questionable claims.